Housing Stability Benefit
Housing Stability Benefit

The Housing Stability Benefit helps ODSP & OW recipients and People with Low Income maintain their housing.

ODSP & OW recipients can receive help with last month's rent, rent arrears, appliances, moving costs, mattresses for adults, bed for children, utility arrears and bed bug preparation and prevention.

People with low income can receive help with utility & rent arrears.
Housing Stability Benefit Approval

If a client is dissatisfied with the outcome, he/she may appeal directly to the Executive Director or designate to have his/her application reviewed. Within seven (7) days, a reassessment will determine if the client meets the eligibility requirements according to the City of Hamilton rules. Appeals can only be granted if the individual meets eligibility criteria. The applicant will be contacted by Hamilton Housing Help Centre with a written outcome of the result of the appeal including the reason for the outcome.
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Hamilton Housing Help Centre
119 Main St. East
Hamilton, Ontario
(905) 526-8100
OW recipients apply through their case manager.

ODSP recipients and People on Low Income can apply at the Hamilton Housing Help Centre:
Approved applicants are eligible for a maximum amount of money in a 24-month period.
The HSB will not be given to anyone who is setting up a residence outside of Hamilton.
HSB is not a mandatory benefit.
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ODSP Clients
Housing Stability Benefit criteria
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OW Clients
Ontario Works (OW) participants can access HSB through an OW case manager.

Call: (905) 546-4800
Phone:  (905) 526-8100
Fax :  (905) 528-1448
E-Mail : info@housinghelpcentre.ca

119 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3Z3
Funding for the Housing Stability Benefit is provided by the City of Hamilton