Mattress Replacement Discontinued

Mattresses, box springs, and bed frames can no longer be replaced due to a bed bugs infestation.  For
more information please contact the Financial Support Program by Clicking Here.

Bed Bug Preparation Services

Although we cannot endorse the following companies, we know
they will complete preparation work for the bed bug treatments.

Embro Pest Control                 905-578-9494
Terminix Pest Control              416-889-5505
Rat Lab                                    1-844-944-0844
ResQ Canada                          289-489-0678
Thermall Pest Control              905-390-1809

Helpful Resouces

Hamilton Public Health Services - Bed Bugs

Hamilton Public Health Services - Pest Control

City of Hamilton - Bed Bug Guidelines

Woodgreen Bed Bug Manual
Having Trouble With Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a growing problem in North America, particularly in large urban centers. Bed bugs can spread by hitching onto clothing, running along plumbing and wiring or through luggage and furniture brought into your home. Bed bugs are not the result of unsanitary conditions and can exist in any type of dwelling. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans, however their bites can be a nuisance.

Bed bugs can be eradicated and you can prevent bed bug infestations before they begin. Learn how to identify bed bugs and an infestation and know how to deal with the situation.

If you or someone you know has a bed bug infestation call Hamilton Housing Help Centre (905)-526-8100, to be connected to agencies that can help you.

Bed Bug Information Videos
Bed Bugs
Moving to Hamilton & Bed Bugs
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Bed Bugs
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